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I am more inventor than artist, and this work is merely a byproduct of a decade of designing various processes that distort light using frost, ice, glass & water. Mostly, I create other cool things like apps, games, food forests & communities. But as far as my art goes...

...I take inspiration from impressionism, cubism, surrealism & modern art. Dance as well.

In 2000, I took a photography class as a college senior and did a final project where I distorted light with glass and plastic. That led to an obsessive winter where I spent all night experimenting with new techniques to manipulate light. I wanted to make photographs that mimicked the style of the famous artists I enjoy, but I never quite got there, and before long the quest was abandoned.

10 years later I decided to try it again, and I dusted off a box of materials I had saved. I spent hours trying to recreate the magic - now I had a digital camera and instant feedback - but the results were awful and I gave up. Under different circumstances, that might have been it for my art career, but as fate would have it, that night we got a hard freeze that left some feathery frost on a window...

Ever since, I have spent about a week each winter growing, collecting, and altering ice & frost, back on my quest to do crazy things with colors and make photos that look like paintings.

Then, in July 2018, I decided to put my art out into the world...

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Abstract Art Copyright 2011-2019 by Alex Colket
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